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RAVE’s a mine of information when it comes to pop. If you want to know anything about anybody, write to We’re Telling You Department!

I thought Sam and Dave were fantastic on the Stax tour. Is there any chance of seeing them again soon?—Martin Brown, Watford, Herts.

Sam is returning in September.

I think “Happy Together” is a beautiful song, but could you tell me something about the Turtles?—Sandra Worth, Shrewsbury, Salop.

The group is from California, and was formed in 1965. The line-up is Mark Volman on clarinet, sax, drums and harmonica; Chip Douglas on guitar, bass and harmonica; Howard Kaylan on sax, clarinet and harmonica; Jim Tucker on guitar and harmonica; Al Nichol on guitar, piano, organ, bass, trumpet and harpsichord, and finally John Barbata on drums! Their first big hits, “It Ain’t Me Babe” and “You Baby”, established them as big names in the States, smashing attendance records wherever they played.

Could you tell me please what colour the Monkeemobile is?—Julie Caine, Liphook, Hants.

It’s burgundy, Julie!

Please could you tell me the birthdays of the Pink Floyd?—Caroline Parker, Wembley, Middx.

Sid Barrett, January 6th, 1946. Nick Mason, January 27th, 1945. Rick Wright, July 28th, 1945 and Roger Waters, September 6th, 1944.

I have heard that Scott Engel has discovered a promising new singing star called Nicky James, and that he is managing the recording on Nicky’s first disc. If it’s true, info. on Nicky please.—Gloria Williamson, Loughborough, Leicestershire.

You’re right, Gloria. Nicky comes from Tipton, Staffordshire, where he was born on 2nd April, 1943. He started singing as a member of Denny Laine’s group, the Diplomats, later became founder member of the Moody Blues, and then sang with a group called the Daltons, of which two members were Roy Wood and Bev Beverley, who are now with the Move.

Scott decided to record Nicky as a soloist.

The result of Nicky’s first recording session, at Phillips, is a disc called “I Need To Be Needed”. It was released in April.

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Boys—and girls—lost and found

If you’ve lost old boy or girl friends, write to RAVE and tell us all about them. We’ll try to find them for you. Remember to send in, if possible, a photograph of the person you are looking for.

Wanted: Richard Sanders, nicknamed Sandy, from Putney. Description: 18, about 5 ft. 4 in. tall, medium build, black mod cut hair, long sideboards, brown eyes. Born in Gibraltar, but has lived most of his life in England. I met him in Eastbourne. He rode a Lambretta scooter 126 LPF, and was with his friends, Russ, Beau and John. If anyone knows Sandy’s address or where he is likely to be on any Saturday, please write to me care of RAVE.—Hilary Francis, Cambridge.

Lost—two gorgeous men! One tall with longish, shiny red hair. Looked a bit like Dave Dee. The other, not so tall, with short, ash blond hair. Wearing three-quarter navy leather coat. They were on the 6.40 train from Kings Cross on 13th January. Got off at Potters Bar. They read our RAVE over our shoulders. We were wearing a maroon suit and checked trouser suit. Please will you write to Ann and Louise, care of RAVE.—Ann, Hitchin, Herts.

Lost—one Blackburn Rovers’ supporter with a beard. He was at the match on 18th March at Norwich. He was wearing a donkey jacket and a blue, woollen shirt. I was the girl with dark hair and a green and white scarf who he smiled at during the match and talked to afterwards. Please try to find him and ask him to contact me, through RAVE, because I’d like to see him again. My name is Gogo, I don’t know his.—Gogo, Brundall, Norwich.

Please could you help me find a boy I met in Carnaby Street outside Trecamp. I was the girl who sheltered under his umbrella. We went into the pub behind Liberty’s and chatted till the rain stopped. He is eighteen or nineteen, and is called Pete (Rowen?) and his mate is Jem, with blond hair. He comes from around Peterborough. Pete is about 5 ft. 9 in., short, mod hair style with sideboards and a blond patch in his dark brown hair. I was wearing an orange mini-skirt and a purple, ribbed sweater.—Isobella Turner, Leicester.

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