Raver’s U.S. Cable

More happenings on the Stateside rave scene!

We’re just getting over Twiggy, cockney accent and all. The city was cursed with sleet when she arrived, and she didn’t have the right clothes for the weather. But all turned out well, and Twig went off happily on her six week tour of the United States, which included a guest shot on “The Dean Martin Show”. Twiggy has cut some sides which will come out on Capitol. Everyone in the record industry hoped she’d show up for the Who’s bumper bash, but she couldn’t make it.

Talking of the Who, they were the absolute sensation of Murray the K’s Easter Show, with their smoke bombs and smashing of equipment. The Who will be returning here in July, to go out on the road with Herman’s Hermits on a fifty-five day concert tour. A third act on that show will probably be the Blues Magoos, who are now completely up from the underground and concentrating on their best-selling album titled “My Electric Comic Book”, which is not, as its title suggests, at all psychedelic. In fact, it’s darn good listening!

The Monkees will hit New York for three dates in July at Forest Hills, which, if it’s a sellout, will gross $300,000. We can all breathe a sigh of relief now—their series has been extended for another eighteen months, which will keep them off the personal appearance circuit all the winter.

The future of the Mamas and Papas may be in doubt. They’ve all been keeping pretty quiet about future plans. The only certain thing is that they intend to go on recording… The Young Rascals are planning another trip overseas, this time for six weeks… Huge pop festival, the first of its kind, being staged in Monterey, California, this month. Two of the sponsors are Brian Wilson and Paul McCartney. There’ll be loads of big name talent there… Paul Jones’ movie “Privilege”, is quite frightening, but it’s a great first attempt.

That’s all for now. See you next month!


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