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Micky’s responses

Exclusively for RAVE, Micky Dolenz has filled in Marcel Proust’s famous questionnaire, that exposes a person’s true inner character through their answers to selected questions. And here it is! RAVE was the first to try out the questionnaire on the Beatles, the Stones and the Walker Brothers—with amazing results!

  • Marcel Proust is a famous French author and poet who died at the beginning of the century. His questionnaires became famous for their ability to search and expose true character.
  1. What is, for you, the height of misery? 6 feet 2 in

  2. Where would you like to live? Burbank

  3. What is your idea of happiness? Blue

  4. What mistake do you disregard most frequently? [unintelligible; Noflzc pro?]

  5. Who is your favourite personality in history? 74

  6. Who are your favourite heroines in real life? 75

  7. Who is your favourite musician? Green

  8. What quality do you like most in a woman? 2 arms

  9. What quality do you prefer in a man? ?

  10. What is your most admirable virtue? 76

  11. What is your favourite occupation? 5th ammendment

  12. Who would you like to have been? Manny Gates

  13. What is the main feature of your character? A 2 hour special on ameoba production in Warren Ohio

  14. What qualities do you appreciate most in a friend? [drawings]

  15. What is the main fault in your character? San Andreas

  16. What is the greatest misfortune that could happen to you? Olive

  17. What would you like to be? 77

  18. What is your favourite colour? 78

  19. What is your favourite flower? 79

  20. What is your favourite bird? 60

  21. Who are your favourite heroes in real life? Supermanny Gates

  22. What are your favourite names? Fred, Joe, Sally, Betty

  23. Who do you hate most? ??????????????????????? Whoever wrote this question is sick!!!!!! This is a very stupid question.

  24. What historical character do you despise most? Refer to #23

  25. What military event do you admire most? Treaty

  26. What reform do you admire most? 71

  27. What natural gift would you like to have? 72, 73 refer to #5

  28. How would you like to die? This one is sicker then #23 or #24

  29. What is the present state of your mind? 14,809,326,472,333,420 feet

  30. What is your motto? He who speaks doesn’t know He who knows doesn’t speak

Micky Dolenz: What his questionnaire reveals about him

A curious person with two distinct aspects to his character—a sunny side, and a more sombre, anxious side.

He has a great appetite for life, a good deal of artistic talent, is dynamic and loves to confuse people who interview him. On the other hand he tries to suppress some aspects of his character—his sensitivity, his creativity and poetic soul. This is a side of his character which seems to worry him.

He is an ideas man with a sound judgement and good, down-to-earth common sense. His moods are changeable, but more often gay than sad and he is extremely sensitive. He is good-hearted but tends to shun stability and things that last too long.

He is ideally suited to the world of show business.

What is strong in his character: He is intelligent, quick on the uptake and has a good imagination. He is enthusiastic, has a sense of fantasy and intellectual and artistic aptitudes. He is a frank person who is proud.

What is weak in his character: He lacks concentration, tends to exaggerate and lacks follow-through with his ideas. He lacks self control and is inclined to be indecisive. He worries, is not content with his situation in life and is distrusting.

Conclusions: Micky Dolenz is a person of contrasts. On the one hand a merry jester with a sense of farce. And on the other hand the dreamer, the poet, the sensitive lover.

Next month: another Monkee revealed!

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