Peter’s Wild Desires

That sly smile isn’t on Pater’s face by accident. He’s been hoping—and the results are nothing short of out-of-the question! You’ll see!

Peter, Peter—he thinks and dreams and comes up with such things! It’s all here for you to read…

Did you ever wish you could fly? Did you ever dream of finding a million dollars? Would you like your haircolor to change as soon as you put on a matching color outfit? Just what are your wildest, wackiest desires? If you want to know what Peter Tork’s are—and why—give a listen!

Peter wishes he could memorize everything he sees!

“It’s a drag forgetting things,” he says. “I do a lot of reading, you see. And I like to learn things. If I could remember everything—have total recall—it would be a groove. I’d be the smartest guy around! And I’d be pretty happy, too!”

Peter wishes he had five pairs of hands!

“I’m a hand-holder,” Peter confesses. “I’m not very big on expensive evenings in nightclubs, things like that. I’d much rather sit quietly with a girl, hold hands and talk. With five pairs of hands, I’d really have some business going! Now if I could only find enough girls who’d want to hold my hand…”

Peter wishes he could “tune out” whenever he wanted!

“Sometimes,” Peter says, “I like to invite a few friends over to my home and just kid around, sort-of tune out the rest of the world. We talk about things that have nothing to do with anything, if you understand that. But I’d like to be able to do that more often… whenever things around me get too hectic, too demanding. Maybe I could just turn a knob in back of my head… that would put me in some kind of orbit. Great!”

Peter wishes he could speak every language there is!

He confides, “I speak German fluently. And I get along pretty well in English. I know a few words in French and Spanish, too. But I’d really like to know all languages, including things like Bantu and that clicking African one. You never know when those things might come in handy. Besides, I could kid around with a lot of people, couldn’t I?”

Peter wishes he could kiss every one of his fans!

“Fans! They’re fabulous!” he says. “Really, I love them! I wish I could meet and give them all a big kiss! I’m supposed to say now that it’s impossible to do it because I wouldn’t have time to breathe. But wouldn’t it be funny if I advertised kisses for all my fans and nobody showed up? Come to think of it, that’s a terrible thought!”

Come to think of it, that’s an impossible thought!…

Magazine: Teen Pin-ups
Page: 28