The Loved Ones

Whenever a young singer or actor—particularly a young male singer or actor—becomes popular, one of the first questions asked about him is: Is he married? Since they are young, most of the new stars are not married. But some of them are and many of them hide the fact that they are married (and perhaps have children) because they fear that you, the teen-agers of America, will shun them if their marriage is publicized.

A courageous few of the new young stars not only freely admit that they are married, and have children, but are happy to share fax and pix about their families with their fans. Some of them are pictured here. And America’s teen-agers have shown that they care as deeply about these young married stars as they do about the non-marrieds. Which should put to rest the old feeling that a star’s popularity rests on his availability as a bachelor. You, their most ardent and loyal fans, admire them and enjoy them for themselves and their talent. If they are happily married, you take pleasure in the fact and are glad for them. It’s as simple as that. And the sooner all married stars reveal their marriages the better it will be for everybody.

The first to break the ice was John Lennon. At the moment the Beatles’ rocket began to take off, he announced that he was married to lovely Cynthia. The fans rallied behind John, proving that you can be a teen-idol even if you are married.

Mike Nesmith, Phyllis Barbour Nesmith

He is a Monkee—his name is Mike Nesmith. She is his home-town sweetheart—her name is Phyllis. They have a two-year-old son, Christian Duval.

Noel Harrison’s star is about to reach its zenith, and he is another who will not hide his family. He is pictured here with his wife, Sara, and their three children—Harriet, Simon and Cathy.

The silent Stone, Bill Wyman, has never hidden the fact that he’s a family man. Here he is with Diane, Stephen and their doggie, “Lucky”.

DC5-er Rick Huxley displays his sons, Darryl and Mark, his wife, Eileen, and their poodle, “Djange”

Another DC5 family man is Lenny Davidson. His wife’s name is Jill and their son, Grant, is just over a year old.

On the distaff side sits lovely Pet Clark and her two children—Kate, 3, and Barbara, almost 5. She lives with her hubby and family in the suburbs of Paris.

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