Peter Tork: 20 Flash Fax

His loves and hates, habits and hobbies, favorite persons and things!

Peter doesn’t go for pretty girls. He finds that most of them are self-centered and spoiled.

He prefers down-to-earth, basic, simple and natural chicks who like him for himself and are not impressed by the fact that he is a star.

Peter is a clothes nut. He’s wild about paisley shirts and his latest acquisition is a pair of groovy black leather pants.

Peter does not like to see girls in dresses. He prefers slacks, boy-type shirts, and sandals or boots.

One of Peter’s pastimes is playing chess, which he happens to be very good at.

Although he plays rock and roll, Peter’s favorite music is still ethnic folk, like Leadbelly and the late Mississippi John Hurt rendered.

Whenever Peter has any time off, he loves to fly to New York for a weekend and pay a surprise visit to his Greenwich Village buddies.

He also digs driving out to an isolated beach and spending a day swimming and sunning, alone or with a date.

Peter says, “I like girls who are a lot like me, who think like I do and have the same ideas as mine.”

When and if Peter makes his first million, he plans to retire and go back to playing in coffee houses in the Village.

In spite of the fact that various people have, at different times, given Peter a helping hand on his way to stardom, he still gives himself full credit for his success, since he was the one to work so hard and so long to get where he is today.

Other than the aforementioned swimming, Peter is totally non-athletic. Sports just aren’t his bag.

Peter’s closest friends are Davy Jones and Lance Wakely, a New York musician whom he describes as a guitarist’s guitarist.

Peter has a secret longing to spend a summer bumming around Europe.

Peter’s favorite group is the Holy Modal Rounders, a Village jug band.

His favorite girl singers are Lisa Kindred (blues) and Peggy Seegar (folk).

His favorite British singing group is the Rolling Stones.

Peter is definitely a night person. He hates to get up in the morning.

The one thing he dislikes about his new life it what he calls “…being closed within a world not of my own making”.

Peter and the rest of the Monkees personally supervise their own fan club. If you want to join it, send $1.00 to Monkees National Fan Club, Box 9, Los Angeles, California 90051. You get a kit filled with pix of the Monkees, bios on each boy, a membership card, a Monkees button, a private newsletter and many surprises. Put on the outside of your letter, “I am a 16 reader” and you will get special attention.

Magazine: 16 Spec
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
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