Micky Dolenz: 20 Freakie Fax

Micky Dolenz

Handle with care! Monkee Micky gets a kick out of putting you on!

Micky, who wears glasses in his private life, just bought himself a pair with those enormous “hoot owl” round frames.

Micky just got a German Shepherd puppy, which he named “You”—as in “Hey, you.”

Micky has a weakness for girls with long blonde hair. As a matter of fact, he has a weakness for girls. Period.

He is the biggest “put on” in the whole group. For instance, he is always talking about how much he loves frizby flying. Wha?

Referring to the above, Micky claims that his favorite city in the whole world is Bugskuffel, Texas. Sure.

Oh, yes—and his hobby is picking artichokes. (He oughta meet Papa John Phillips, whose hobby is eating artichokes.)

Micky hates to be alone. When he finds himself in such a situation, he jumps on the phone and begins calling all his buddies.

Micky’s one-word description of his own personality is—“Yeech!”

Three tips that Micky would give to a girl who would like for him to like her are—25¢, 30¢ and $1.05. Oh, well.

When asked if he had a pet fear, Micky replied, “I have a real cute pet fear—he’s about one foot tall, brown and fuzzy.”

On the serious side, Micky is very devoted to his mom, step-father and three younger sisters—Coco, Debbie and Gina.

Micky’s moods run the gamut from quiet peacefulness to loud exuberance. In other words, you never know what to expect next from this guy.

In his spare time, Micky has a tendency to daydream. Sometimes he gets so deep into his fantasies that he can’t hear the other guys calling him to the set. They usually have to go over and shake him up a bit.

Micky has a secret fear of being thought of as a phony.

His favorite people are those who are honest, those he can trust, and those who are sincere.

The saddest day in Micky’s life was when his father died several years ago. George Michael Dolenz, Sr., and George Michael Dolenz, Jr., were deeply attached to one another.

Micky has a weakness for the color red. He likes to live in it, wear it and drive it around.

He’s the biggest clown of the Monkees and gets his kicks from mugging before the live TV cameras.

Micky’s secret motto is: “Don’t deny yourself nothin’ as long as it don’t hurt nobody”.

He is the skinniest Monkee, and recently the other guys chipped in and gave Micky a set of muscle-building equipment—which he steadfastly ignores.

Magazine: 16 Spec
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 58–59