Hollywood Happenings

WHO’S GOING TO CRY “U.N.C.L.E.?”—Now that the MGM Studios in Culver City (which is one of the many parts within Los Angeles) are filming both The Man and The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., there’s more action there than any pop place in town! STEFANIE POWERS and NOEL HARRISON, the talented co-stars of “Girl,” are driving the writers of the show mad by switching lines without telling them and changing the script in the middle of a scene! “We’ve got to find our own style,” says Steffi, who’s got to be the prettiest spy in the world. It seems to be working—as the show becomes a happy hit!

HOLLYWOOD HIP-FLIP-TIPS—Watch for JOHN LEYTON, of “Jericho!” He’s going to be the next super-star out of Hollywood . . . ELVIS has a group he particularly digs: THE ROBBS . . . SONNY & CHER will probably be forced to sell their beautiful mountain-top home outside of Los Angeles just after they finished furnishing it . . . Why? . . . Too many fans didn’t respect their privacy and tried to disturb them at all hours of the day . . . CHRIS MONTZ credits his all-over-again star status to one man: HERB ALPERT, of “Tijuana Brass” fame, who also owns the record company Chris records for and helped Chris work out his special style . . . JILL GIBSON, the gorgeous new Mama, found it somewhat straining at THE MAMA’S AND THE PAPA’S first recording session with her . . . Nothing personal, just that her beautiful voice wasn’t used to such long, intense hours of pressure-packed singing . . . Now she’s adjusted, and adds her own special quality to a very special group . . . IAN WHITCOMB is back in Hollywood, after an extended visit overseas, and he’s raring to be back in action! . . . Fascinating group name: EVER PRESENT FULLNESS . . . They’re for real, and you should be hearing from them . . . The most intense feud between pop radio stations is here in lively L.A. . . . The nice result is that Los Angeles and Southern California teens get the most complete pop music programming in the country.

TROUBLED TEEN TV SCENE—Now that LLOYD THAXTON has switched out of the pop music area to conduct a TV show for young housewives, there’s even more troubled talk about the state of the teen TV picture. Only THE MONKEES, on NBC-TV, of all the new shows this season, specifically had the teen audience in mind. And lots of dance-type shows have been in trouble this year, also. The result is that there is a whole new approach to teen TV. It’s incredible that teens are being neglected! FLIP’s own STEVE KAHN, for one, is right in the middle of the battle for exciting TV shows for teens—and lots of happy surprises should be coming up soon!

NEW NOTES FROM FAB FRIENDS—With THE ASSOCIATION, SYNDICATE OF SOUND and LEAVES adding their success to such groups as THE BEACH BOYS and PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS, the West Coast Sound is making a BIG noise again! BYRDS, MAMAS & PAPAS, and groups like that are establishing Los Angeles as America’s answer to London! Couldn’t happen to a wilder city . . . Wonder if “Crash-On, Scream-On, Sing-On, All Fall Down!” is going to become the flippest new addition to our already flip language? . . . DAVID McCALLUM seems to be his old self again . . . ROBERT VAUGHN still serious about becoming a politician . . . NOEL HARRISON already looking past his new hit series to see a future of directing and perhaps producing films.

That’s the Hollywood Happenings this month. Next issue, on sale November 10th, will have more super-scoops! Hope you’ll make it!

Magazine: Flip
Editor: Stephen Kahn
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Page: 12