“The Monkeys” - Pilot


RE: “THE MONKEYS” [sic] - Pilot
DATE: JANUARY 10, 1966

Gary HaynesA/FToo old.
Peter BrooksBARRDoes not fit.
Eddie HodgesGACNo interest.
Lynn ReddyWORMSERToo old.
King HeidmanSame as above.
Steve LindsaySame as above.
Dennis CulverSame as above. NOTE: Lynn and the 3 gentlemen are known as “The Lynn Reddy Group”.
Bobby PickettSALKOWToo old.
Barry RobbinsGREEN/VINEVery interesting, but too small.
Mickey Rooney, Jr.HARRISInterested - but then became unavailable for series.
Dennis JoelHUNTNo interest.
Mickey [sic] BraddockWILKPlayed one of the Monkeys.
David SaberSHIFFRUNTested.
Matt & Mark AndesROSENNo interest.
Smokey RobertsBARNESDoes not fit.
Mike McGreeveyROSENDoes not fit.
[?]ick CarusoMcHUGHDoes not fit.
Larry MerrillBARNESWrong type.
Tim McIntireLEVEEToo old.
Gary WaynsmithKENDALLDoes not fit.
Hank JonesWMDoes not fit.
Paul PotashOLIVERToo extreme.
Tom JackmanJOSEPHDoes not fit.
Gary LewisAFANot for us.
Charles WaltherSHURRPassed.
Dean MerrillHARRISNot for us.
Ron GrantCORALIEInteresting boy, but not fo[???]
Gregg HeinPassed.
Jerry MyersToo old.
Michael ClaytorBARSKINInteresting boy, but too yo[??]
Patrick MooreHALIBPassed.
Ed WenkeHALIBPassed.
Andrew BellingNot for this.
Rick KenyonJOSEPHNo show.
Art YoungHINTONEF liked; Raybert passed.
Gerald HauserNot for this.
Burt SogaFRAZIERNot right.
Kent PlischekAll wrong.
[??]ry MarquetteWrong type.
Marty NeumeierForget.
Earl StevensCORALIEToo short.
Rod BurkeCONNORToo old.
Mike PowellEF liked; Rabert [sic] did not.
Bob VernonGARNERPassed.
Tommy NolanMISHKINToo off-beat.
Terry GresMEWToo young.
Barry KeeneMEWEF liked; Raybert passed.
Joey CooperWM“ “; actor unavailable for series.
Mike CodyMYERSEF met and passed; not right
Ron LewisPOMEROYNot right.
Toby ReedMcHUGHToo old.
Bill SampsonDANIELSToo mature.
Mike KandellJOSEPHEF passed
Bill MorrisonBRANDONDoes not fit.
The WellingtonsAFARaybert felt all too old.
Tom JackmanJOSEPHNot for us.
Dennis WhiteMcGREGORPassed.
Ralph Del TortoMacQEF liked; Raybert passed.
Dennis & Dean DinsmanBRANDONNot for this.
The Billy B. & KingsGERARDNone of this group was right
Jim ScottWHITEBland - Pass.
Eric RaymondCHAPINPassed.
Ken SpectorSHULEREF liked; Raybert passed.
Terry StewartHAMILPassed.
Bob DunlapROSENPassed.
Eric VaughnLIPTONPassed.
Brian CutlerSHORTPassed.
Rex Allen, Jr.McGREGOREF liked; Raybert passed.
[?]ick RullmannLONGPassed.
Mike RandiesMcGREGORPassed.
Mel ArkelAll wrong.
Steve CharlesForget.
Dave BrooksSHULERNothing at all.
Steve FoxMcGREGORPassed.
Kip HendersonGARRICKRaybert passed.
Danny LorensPassed
Steve RinaldiBRITTENRaybert passed.
Michael VenturaG/TPassed
Barry RobbinsGREEN/VINEEF liked; Raybert passed.
W[?]lly ComerGRADYPassed
Stan TaylorGARRICKToo straight.
James Johnson
Kerry BarryIRWINEF liked; Raybert had him a[???] a possible test.
Tom AndreGERTZAll wrong.
Steve RednerPossible test.
Van Dyke ParksDANIELSRaybert passed; EF liked.
[??]ke CampbellVery uninteresting.
Mark DeanHUNTPassed.
Gary CoxHARRISNothing.
Dick BellisAPANever available for interview.
Craig SmithGERTZUnavailable for series inter[???]
Jimmy HawkinsG/TToo straight.
Tim Morgan435–1212Too straight.

NOTE: The following actors were tested for THE MONKEYS [sic]. They were a culminat[???] of interviews conducted by the Raybert Prodn. Office and Screen Gem Casting Office.

Mike Braddock
Bill Calloway
Peter Tork
Mike Nesmith
[??]ck Steiniger
Dallas Williams
David Jones
Bill Chadwick
John Romeyn
David Saber
Michael Burns
Peter Lazar
Mickey Braddock
Niles Brown

Sherry AlberoniSTERNJILL & VANESSAUnavailable for series consideration.
Pamela LehoGERTZJust fair.
Kimberly HigginsMcMillenNo interest.
Susan YardleyBRANDON“ “
Donna DantoneHOLMESPossibly.
Robin MillanBARSKINPlayed the part of “Vanessa[???]
Marlene CallahanKOHNERAll wrong.
Sandy DescherK/OToo sophisticated.
Lynn CareySHURR“ “
Susan HenningSACKHEIMNo. 1 choice; did not want part; was not interested in doing a series.
Astrid WarnerGARRICKNo interest.
Susan GordonSHULEREF liked; Raybert passed.