The Monkees in Concert

Source: Season 1 DVD Extras Gallery

A Total Happening

Demand for The Monkees to perform in concert has now become international. Everywhere The Boys appear, an atmosphere of excitement and fun prevails. Airport officials make special arrangements to convey The Monkees safely from plane to limousine as thousands of cheering welcomers press forward for in-person hellos. Police security officers, on special duty, wonder what frantic Monkee escapades are afoot. The entire staff of the host hotel is alerted and sworn to secrecy as The Monkees party reserves an entire floor. But where The Monkees are is everybody’s interest, and the word always gets out. Crowds of fans appear and surround the hotel in the pre-dawn hours, chanting “We want The Monkees!” As the sun appears, The Monkees’ technical crew is already hard at work at the arena, setting up all the special visual and electronic equipment used in the show.

As concert time approaches, the arena fills, and limousines spirit The Boys by secret routes to the backstage area. Inside, a hush falls over the expectant audience. Accompanying acts entertain, and then… pandemonium erupts as The Monkees themselves bound onstage, instruments in hand, and give the audience the show of their lives!

Many other top groups’ concert appearances consist of merely a straight persentation [sic] of their hit records, fast twenty-minute routine at the end of the concert’s preliminary acts.