C’mon Along On A Dream Date With Davy

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Page: 44–47


Twenty-one radio stations across the United States and in Canada sponsored a “Win A Day With Davy Jones Contest” and 23 very lucky young ladies came from Miami, Toronto, Cleveland and all over to meet Davy in Hollywood.

Their first glance at the real live boy came when Davy met the girls at the International Hotel. This is where it began, and the whole super-exciting day that followed is one these lucky girls will never forget…

  • FIRST STOP of the day was Marineland of the Pacific. It was a bright, sunny day which made it doubly fun!

  • DAVY’S A GREAT HOST and all the girls thought he was very sweet!

  • THEY SAW A fun sea show at Marineland, but any show would be fab with Davy as a guide! After that, they all went to a recording session where Davy served as A & R man for the Yellow Balloon.

  • DID DAVY HAVE a good time? This pic shows he was laughing and joking most of the day. He thought the girls were loads of fun every minute.

  • DAVY ENDED the day by giving each girl a kiss good-bye, as well as an autographed photo and an autographed album.

  • MICKY’S CRAZY HEADGEAR was designed by him. He’s just great at wire sculpture as you can see. Besides spending the day with Davy, the girls got to go to the Monkees’ rehearsal at the Hollywood Bowl. All the other Monkees were there.

  • AFTER A BUSY DAY everyone stopped long enough to have dinner at famous Miceli’s Italian restaurant. Davy had spaghetti while most everyone had pizza. The restaurant is dimly lit and very romantic.

  • HERE DAVY TALKS to fans over the phone. He was disappointed that all girls who entered the contest couldn’t make the trip to Hollywood.

  • COMING INTO THE RECORDING studio, the girls bumped into the Beach Boys who had just finished recording. There was a little sadness when the day came to an end, but everyone admitted it was the best day of their lives!