Daydream Believers Quotes

Play Micky: I dig your boots!

Play Van: [whistles] Those are great boots.
Auditioner: Thank you—
Van: No. I’m kidding. Take a seat.
Auditioner: [laughs] …uh, yeah.
Van: Babe, those are terrible boots. What—are you two related?
Auditioner: [laughs] Do you want me to, um, read the lines that I have here?
Van: Sure, yeah. But actually, first tell me… where did you get those stupid boots? Did you lose a bet?
Auditioner: Yeah… they’re nice red boots and…

Play Auditioner: Don’t go in there, Corky! He’s crazy!

Play Van: He’s a little too Pat Boone for a rock group, isn’t he?
Harris: But take a look at that face. You have any idea how many teen magazines that kid’s gonna sell?
Van: Look at his height! Do you know how many teen magazines he’s gonna have to stand on to be seen?

Play Van: We want people to believe that you four are best friends.
Micky: Well, hey, if that’s all we gotta do, then we got it made. [to Mike] Right, Edgar?

Play Mike: Nah, it kinda reminds me of a lot of places back in Texas.
Davy: Well, remind me not to visit Texas! Heh heh…

Play Davy: For your information, I’m rather tall for horse racing.
Peter: The horses are shorter in England.

Play Davy: Don’t these studio execs understand that we’re making art here?
Mike: And uh, no man—or padlock—should stand in the way of art.
Micky: So, this is the plan, boys. Listen up now, ’cause I’m only gonna say it once.

Play Van: I don’t know how they expect me to get these—
Peter: Van…
Van: —What?
Peter: You might wanna move.

Play Davy: Some girl broke into my dressing room a couple of days ago, and I found her naked on my couch.
Micky: Yeah, yeah, and then he threw her out three hours later!

Play Davy: And I’d what? Stand around and hit the tambourine the whole time?
Micky: And look cute.

Play Micky: Bingo, Johnny, give the man a prize!

Play Peter: Don’t worry about it, man. Sleep is actually highly overrated.

Play Davy: I mean, it’s fun, you know? People would kill to be in our place.
Peter: Yeah, or our beds!

Play Mike: You see that? That could’ve been your face.

Play Micky: Pleeeeease.

Play Peter: Hey Davy! You met George?
Davy: Yeah. Hey mate.
George Harrison: ’Ello.

Play Davy’s dad: Oh, you’ve grown into a lovely woman, lad! Spittin’ image of your mother!

Play Mike (as Princess Gwen): Help! Help!
Peter: Oh, fair princess! I have loved you from afar lo these many moons. May I carry you across the mud?
Mike (as Princess Gwen): What? You carry me across the mud? Ha ha! I’m a princess… [laughs]

Play Mike (as Princess Gwen): Shut up or I’ll have you paved!

Play Mike: Wow! What a great lookin’ chick!
Mike (as Princess Gwen): Harold, I want this carriage out of the muuuud!

Play Davy: You’re lucky you missed my nose. This face is worth millions, you know.

Play Mike: Oh right, it’s um… Nickels, right?
Jack: …son. Jack… Nicholson.
Mike: Right, yeah. Right, sorry, man.
Jack: No problem, Ringo.

Play Peter: Hey, I don’t wanna just be the dummy. I’m always the dummy.

Play Micky: I wanna make something that lasts, you know? Something significant… like… a building… that people could look at for years, you know? A movie… that’s a building.