Cameos Quotes

Boy Meets World, “Rave On” (1995)

Play Amy: Who are you?
Reginald (Davy): Reg! Reginald Fairfield!
Amy: Huh.
Alan: Who’s at the door?
Cory: Reg! Reginald Fairfield!

Play Reginald (Davy): Alan, do you have any softer towels than these?

Play Reginald (Davy): Hello, mum. Sorry to wake you, but I have a free phone!

Play Gordy (Micky): Okay, hot tub’s up and runnin’.
Alan: Alright, darlin’, let’s go test it out.
Gordy (Micky): Uh, not so fast; the little English guy’s doin’ laps.

Play Reginald (Davy): Oh, by the way, thank you for the lift, Gordon.
Gordy (Micky): Well, I really didn’t have much choice, did I? You were sitting in my car.

Play Topanga: Frankie, you ruined the party! How could you do this?!
Jedediah (Peter): Tippy, Tippy! …Have you been eating meat?

Play Jedediah (Peter): Let’s see, “My Girl”. How does that go?
Gordy (Micky): Well, I remember the melody; I’m kinda blanking on the lyrics.
Jedediah (Peter): Yeah, me too.
Reginald (Davy): Well, I suppose if you’re asking me, I wouldn’t mind helping out.

Play Reginald (Davy): So, Gordon. Alan Matthews tells me you have a lovely big home with lots of extra bedrooms.
Gordy (Micky): Oh, did he? Well, it’s barely a shack compared to Jedidiah’s place: free-standing guest house.
Reginald (Davy): Ooh… perfect!
Jedediah (Peter): You even drive down my street, you’re a dead man.

Play The Manager: You know, you guys could be bigger than the Beatles.
Reginald (Davy): Bigger than the Beatles?
Gordy (Micky), Jedediah (Peter), Reginald (Davy): …Naaah!

The Drew Carey Show, “Drew and The King” (2001)

Play Mr. Metcalf (Micky): You are harshing, not only on my mellow, but on the mellow of the entire Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Play Mr. Metcalf (Micky): You screw this up, O’Brien, your ass is grass.

Play Drew: ’Scuse me. Security. Coming through. Security. ’Scuse me.
Mr. Metcalf (Micky): It’s a bust! You set me up!

Play Mr. Metcalf (Micky): I said that too fast, didn’t I? They know, don’t they? Why can’t you just let me live my life?!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch, “Dante’s Inferno” (1997)

Play Davy: That’s right. No one explain what’s going on to the apparition.

Play Sabrina: Jean? I mean, Jean’s not a name; it’s a pair of pants.
Davy: Actually, I think Jean’s a very lovely name.

Play Davy: You know, these kind of things never happen to Peter Tork.

Play Davy: Are you ready, love? Can we go to a restaurant? You know, it’s been three days, and nobody’s fed me.

Play Zelda: Davy, do I have to do this next to her?
Davy: That’s alright. We had this problem with Micky and Mike, but it all worked out. Are you ready?

Play Davy: Wait a minute. One thing. Who’s got their hand on my bum?

Play Davy: Can I go home now?