“Gonna Buy Me a Dog” Lyrics

Micky:Now? You know my girl… now? Yeah?
You know my girl just called me up
And she woke me from my sleep
Micky:You should, you shoulda heard the things she said
You know she hurt my feelings deep
I’m gonna buy me a dog
Davy:A dog?
Micky:A dog!
’Cause I need a friend now
Davy:Babe, you need all the friends you can get, I’m telling you.
Micky:I’m gonna buy me a dog
My girl, my girl, no love me no how
Don’t ruin my song, man, it’s the only song I have.
Davy:It was already ruined before it was wrote.
Micky:Uh, where’s the verse?
She used to bring me my, my newspaper
Here it is.
Davy:You don’t even know where it’s at.
Micky:’Cause she knew where it was at
She used to keep me so contented
But I can teach a dog to do that?!
I’m gonna buy me a dog
Davy:You couldn’t teach a dog to do that; you can only train elephants.
Micky:’Cause I need a friend, now
Davy:I need a friend, now!
Micky:I’m gonna buy me a dog
Davy:A dog. Here Rover, Fido, Spot.
Micky:A dog, here boy! [whistles]
My girl, my girl, no love me no how
Davy:I was late on that one.
Micky:Oh, yeah.
Davy:I just got back from Africa, y’know? I was playing cards with the natives.
Micky:Oh! Zulus?
Davy:No, I usually won. Ha. Ha.
Micky:Gee, I wish I had a glass of water.
Davy:Why, are you thirsty?
Micky:No, I want to see if my neck leaks. I’d buy a raccoon but John already has one.
Davy:Thirty-five bucks!
Micky:Where, where do I come in?
?:Get ready.
Micky:Get ready, I, I’m gonna buy me a dog
Micky:A dog, hmm!
Micky:’Cause I need a friend, now
Davy:Yeah yeah!
Micky:Yeah yeah, boop-boop, sh-bop-bop, ram-a-lama
I’m gonna buy me a dog
?:Try the next verse.
Micky:When my girl, my girl don’t love me no how
Davy:Now brown cow.
Micky:Now brown cow.
I think I’m gonna buy me a dog, yessir, I’m gonna buy me a dog, if I was looking for a word to describe what I’m gonna buy, I think dog would be the word!
Davy:Would it, would it be dog?
Micky:It would be dog.
Davy:Definitely dog.
Micky:It would come springing from my lips, dog.
Davy:Springing from—
Micky:Boing! Boing! Boing!
Davy:Let’s get out of here.
Micky:It would be springing from my—
Davy:Is that it, Tommy? Can you turn it off, please? Can somebody open the door and let us out? They’re coming to take us away, ha-ha, hee-hee, ha-ha.
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