Troubadour Articles (30 articles)

The Monkees 16 1966/12
The Story of My Life by Mike Nesmith Tiger Beat 1967/02
The Monkee-Mailbox 16 1967/04
All the Facts Monkee Spectacular 1967/04
Questions and Answers Monkee Spectacular 1967/04
Peter Tork: The Talented Monkee Monkees Monthly 1967/06
Monkee See, Monkee Sing (Well, Sort Of) TeenSet 1967/06
70 Very Personal Fax About Peter Flip 1967/07
Our Girl from Hollywood Flip 1967/07
Monkees Quiz Monkee Spectacular 1967/07
My Life with The Monkees Flip 1967/08
C’mon Along to a Recording Session Monkee Spectacular 1967/08
Monkees & Me 16 1967/09
Mike Nesmith: The Early Days Monkee Spectacular 1967/09
Semi-Intimate Facts About Davy Jones TeenSet 1967/09
My Life with The Monkees Flip 1967/11
My Friend Mike Monkee Spectacular 1967/11
Fave Happenings Fave 1967/12
How Much Do You Really Know About The Monkees? Flip 1967/12
How Well Do You Know The Monkees? Monkee Spectacular 1967/12
Monkees’ Private Places Monkee Spectacular 1967/12
Early Monkee Memories Fave 1968/01
Chip Douglas Answers Your Questions About The Monkees Flip 1968/03
Questions and Answers About The Monkees Flip 1968/03
Stone Poneys & The Sunshine Company Flip 1968/03
David Talks About Friendship Monkee Spectacular 1968/03
Mike’s Troubadour Days Monkee Spectacular 1968/03
Mike’s Unforgettable Night Monkee Spectacular 1968/05
Mike & Micky—Their Silent Battle 16 1968/10
From Monkee Biz to Video Whiz Tiger Beat Super Special 1987